The idea was born from the passion for nature of Gigi and Alessio, two young boys that started to explore the island in the 90s with a little bit of recklessness, on board of an old Panda with 4 gears and few gasoline. Starting almost as a joke to bring tourists in some unusual places, they now work since many years in the touristic business.

In the pasts years they followed some excursion training and now they explore the island with more consciousness, not just by feet but with ropes and harness, with the same willing to know and explore, on board with their vans and surely with more gasoline.

With the friendship of Mariella (archaeologist and tourist guide) and Stefano (excursion guide and trekking instructor), they built up the association AVAVERATOUR with the goal to show and let enjoy all the people coming to Sardinia the less explored parts and unusual paths of the island, planning hike excursions, mountain-bike tours, boat rides and cultural tours and more.

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